Not So Suite After All?

Posted 03/19/2013 | By Dan Finnigan  

Everyone loves a good Magic Quadrant story—so here’s one you might enjoy. On Friday last week, Gartner released its first “Magic Quadrant for Talent Management Suites” report. Of course, Magic Quadrant reports have been around for quite some time—offering readers a unique methodology for visually pinpointing leaders and visionaries in a particular business arena—but this ...

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Innovative Businesses Believe in Innovative Products

Posted 03/08/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

When The Wall St. Journal released its list of the top 50 start-ups of 2012, we were curious.  How did the go-getters of the year tackle the recruiting process? Imagine our satisfaction when we discovered that over two thirds of those frontrunners using third-party recruiting platforms are Jobvite customers.  Then imagine how we felt a ...

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Infographic: You Are Here, But You’re On The Move

Posted 01/23/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Plenty of applicant tracking systems (ATS) claim to get you from point A to point B, but they focus too heavily on features instead of function.  In the real world, features mean very little if they’re not usable.  Whether you’re a candidate, a recruiter, or a hiring manager, you need technology that lets you focus ...

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The 2012 Jobvite Social Job Seeker Survey Results Are Out

Posted 10/08/2012 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Job seekers are out in full force — with an impressive majority actively looking or open to finding new employment.  Unfortunately, not all of them feel good about their odds.  And even more think 2012 has proven an increasingly difficult year to be on the job hunt.  In our third annual Social Job Seeker Survey, ...

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Suite Escape?

Posted 09/27/2012 | By Kimberley Kasper  

As corporate acquisitions fuel the ubiquity of bundled Human Resources software, many recruiters wonder: Should I go Suite or Best-of-Breed? Consolidation and integration work well in some departments, but recruiting might not be one of them.  Before you jump in bed with the whole HR bundle, consider these reasons to think twice. ...

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Today We Announce the New Jobvite Hire

Posted 09/25/2012 | By Dan Finnigan  

Today we announce the launch of the newest release of Jobvite Hire – and at the risk of sounding somewhat dramatic — I think this version of our already-popular applicant tracking system is truly revolutionary.  Despite the many advances in how people find, share and communicate on-line in the last few years, employers and job ...

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Job Seekers Beware: Social Profiles Can Help You Land or Lose A Job

Posted 08/20/2012 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Today, 92 percent of companies use LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter for recruiting, which makes social networking essential when job hunting.  Here’s what you need to know about creating a positive impression to help get you hired.     ...

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2012 Social Recruiting Survey Part 3: Tremendous ROI

Posted 07/12/2012 | By Kimberley Kasper  

In our coverage of the 2012 Social Recruiting Survey, we’ve covered the growing popularity for social recruiting (92% will use it in 2012), and the power of online profiles now have (86% will review social profiles). The reason social recruiting has become a nearly universal tool in the war for talent is simple: it just ...

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2012 Social Recruiting Survey Part 2: Profiles Have Power and the Content Matters

Posted 07/11/2012 | By Kimberley Kasper  

In our second installment on the results of our 5th annual Social Recruiting Survey, we want to take a look at the growing role online profiles play in the hiring process. Since 2010, the number of recruiters that always review social profiles has grown 16 points, from 32% to 48%. Another quarter of respondents reported ...

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2012 Social Recruiting Survey Part 1: In 5 Years Social Recruiting Becomes Nearly Universal

Posted 07/10/2012 | By Kimberley Kasper  

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey, which has become an industry benchmark. We took a look at the rise of social recruiting over time, and adoption has reached an all-time high. When we started polling human resources and recruitment professionals in 2008, roughly three out of four (78%) used social ...

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