Recruiting Infographic: The Search for the Pink Unicorn

Posted 11/21/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

In an effort to build the best company possible, recruiters are constantly looking for the perfect, A-list candidate — known as a Pink Unicorn. But as you might imagine, this rare breed can be tricky to catch. Here, we look at how to entice — and hang on to— this sought-after prize. ...

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Finding the Perfect Hiring Ratio for Your Organization

Posted 11/20/2013 | By Adam Hyder  

We use ratios every day. Sometimes, we use them to describe the relationship between two numbers; other times, we use them to make a comparison between two things. In the world of finance, ratios are used to look at the health of a company. For example, Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio) is used by investors to ...

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Jobvite Named to the 2013 Deloitte Fast 500

Posted 11/13/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Earlier today, Deloitte announced The 2013 Technology Fast 500 Rankings.  For those of you not familiar with it, The Technology Fast 500 is an annual ranking highlighting “the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and clean technology companies in North America”.   This year, Jobvite is proud to have made the list for the first ...

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Key Features of a Comprehensive Applicant Tracking System

Posted 11/12/2013 | By Lucinda Foss  

Why are HR departments always disappointed with their applicant tracking system (ATS)?  Great question.  A lot of this can be answered with the fact that there are a lot of great sales people out there and a few shiny objects to sell. That’s the problem with most application tracking systems!  Most ATS providers are either providing ...

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Partners Enhance the Recruiting Funnel

Posted 11/07/2013 | By Skip Hilton  

Last week Kimberley Kasper posted a great infographic that defined the recruiting funnel. If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look—because this graphic offers powerful visual insight into the best practices employed by modern day recruiters, the challenges they face, and opportunities for improvement. When you look at this image, you’ll see that ...

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Recruiting CRM: Get Them While You Got Them

Posted 11/04/2013 | By Carlos Teran  

From a jobseeker’s standpoint, your career site is most likely the first touch point they have with your organization’s recruiting process.  You are most likely directly or indirectly paying for jobseekers to visit your career site through your recruiting marketing efforts.  Imagine jobseekers coming to your career site looking for opportunities that fit their background, ...

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Recruiting is Marketing: The Recruiting Funnel Defined

Posted 10/21/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Sales and marketing professionals have been successfully using the step-by-step funnel method for years to find, engage and close prospects. This same methodology and tactics apply to recruiters as they source, vet and ultimately hire, candidates.   ...

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The Power of Benchmarking Your Recruiting Efforts

Posted 10/15/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Although comparing yourself to others may go against what your mom always taught you, it’s exactly what you should be doing. This time around, though, don’t focus on who has the fake Converse All Stars and whose parents bought them the real deal. Instead, focus on how much companies are paying their employees, what industry ...

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Introducing Jobvite Video – Your Video Interviewing Solution

Posted 10/07/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Are you ready for your close up? If you’re at HR Tech this week—and I sincerely hope you are—I invite you to come by booth #325. Not only will you be able to see Jobvite’s entire recruiting platform in action, but you’ll also be one of the first to demo our latest innovation: Jobvite Video. ...

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Jobvite Engage Wins Product of the Year and “Awesome Technology Award”

Posted 10/01/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Here’s some exciting news to start your week: Jobvite Engage just won Product of the Year from Human Resources Executive. As if that weren’t enough of an honor, Jobvite Engage was also named an “Awesome Technology” winner and will be highlighted during the “Awesome Technologies” session at HR Tech next week.  Naturally, we’re thrilled with ...

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