Jobvite Engage Wins Product of the Year and “Awesome Technology Award”

Posted 10/01/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Here’s some exciting news to start your week: Jobvite Engage just won Product of the Year from Human Resources Executive. As if that weren’t enough of an honor, Jobvite Engage was also named an “Awesome Technology” winner and will be highlighted during the “Awesome Technologies” session at HR Tech next week.  Naturally, we’re thrilled with ...

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5 Reasons Sourcing is Fundamental in Recruiting and Hiring

Posted 09/25/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Imagine moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone and don’t have access to the Internet. The first things you’ll need to do are find a safe place to live, a job you’ll love, childcare for your kids and a good doctor, all on your own. You have no recommendations from friends and ...

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Sharing is Caring

Posted 09/17/2013 | By Carlos Teran  

At Jobvite, we recognize that there are times where as a Jobvite Engage user you really wish you could easily share the ultra rich contact records in your pipeline with your recruiting team, hiring managers, and even external stakeholders, to move passive candidates down the recruiting funnel. With Jobvite Engage, you can now easily share ...

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Jobvite Q&A: How You Can Leverage Twitter’s Strategies for Recruiting on Twitter

Posted 09/16/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

We recently spoke with Erin Osterhaus, who researches and reviews HR solutions at Software Advice, to learn more about her findings from a discussion she had with Twitter’s recruiting programs officer, Anitra Collins. In that conversation, Collins described some of Twitter’s methods for finding top talent on Twitter, which include re-Tweeting job posts from employees’ ...

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The 2013 Social Recruiting Survey Results Are Here!

Posted 09/05/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

It’s that time of year again… our sixth annual Social Recruiting Survey results are in! If you’re not familiar with our survey, here’s a quick summary: Using email and a variety of social networks, we invite recruiters and HR personnel to share their experiences with us regarding their use of social media in the hiring ...

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Using the SnapChat Approach in your Recruiting Efforts

Posted 08/08/2013 | By Jessica Miller-Merrell  

Editors Note: We’d like to welcome Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR; Editor & Chief Blogger at Blogging4Jobs to the Jobvite Blog.  Jessica will be guest blogging for us from time-to -time and we’re confident you’ll love her content as much as we do.  Jessica  has managed Blogging4Jobs since 2007.  Recently, Blogging4Jobs was named a top career site ...

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Jobvite Cares

Posted 07/25/2013 | By David Lahey  

At Jobvite, we have a set of values that guide absolutely everything we do—from our personal interactions and customer support to our product development and innovation. Our #1 value is Customers Matter Most. More than our products. More than our financials. Our entire company understands that without the success of our customers, we have nothing. ...

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The Top 10 Most Indemand Startups Among Bay Area Engineers

Posted 07/23/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Yesterday, LinkedIn data scientist James Raybould posted a blog ranking the 10 Most InDemand Startups Among Bay Area Engineers.  The war for talent is alive and well in Silicon Valley and the battle for engineering talent is fierce.  Based on site interactions among Bay Area engineering talent on LinkedIn, Mr. Raybould details the companies leading ...

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Calling All HR and Recruiting Professionals!

Posted 07/09/2013 | By Kimberley Kasper  

As many of you know, Jobvite has been compiling a detailed report on social recruiting for the past five years—and we’re pretty proud of how this endeavor has evolved. We started out looking for a way to gauge trends in a space where little documentation existed, and now the Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey has become ...

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Success with Jobvite’s New Pipeline Search Tool

Posted 06/26/2013 | By Jackie Hydock  

Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome Jackie Hydock to the Jobvite Blog.  Jackie is one of the recruiters here at Jobvite responsible for finding those ambitious, quick-witted, dedicated and hard-working individuals that make Jobvite rock. Jackie will be blogging about how she uses Jobvite to find success on a daily basis and about her never-ending ...

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