My Dots

Posted 03/10/2014 | By Ronen Shetelboim  

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” (Steve Jobs, Stanford University, June 2005) I’ll start with 3 stories and let you guys connect the dots. Job 1: About 10 years ago I completed my mandatory army service in Israel and started looking for a job. Super old-school – ...

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From Recruitment to Hire: How to Shorten the Employee Hiring Cycle

Posted 03/07/2014 | By Kimberley Kasper  

When hiring new employees, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach the process. The wrong way takes lots of time and money and ultimately does not guarantee the right person for the position. The right way is a well-thought out plan that is quick and easy and puts the perfect candidate ...

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The Real Challenge of Product Prioritization and Resource Allocation

Posted 03/04/2014 | By Adam Hyder  

Product prioritization is the hardest and certainly the most important aspect of the product development life cycle. The push and pull from all constituents such as customers, sales, marketing, engineering, board and customer support are valid and critical. However, the real and perhaps the most potent push and pull comes from the physics problem – ...

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The Mobile Job Seeker Infographic

Posted 02/28/2014 | By Kimberley Kasper  

If your recruiting strategies aren’t already optimized for mobile job seekers and their devices, you could be in trouble. The latest statistics reveal that today’s workforce is rarely without a smart phone or tablet in hand. Are you prepared to recruit wherever, whenever, on whatever? ...

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What’s in your recruiting technology’s DNA?

Posted 02/27/2014 | By Kimberley Kasper  

As humans, we like to say that our DNA defines us. It’s like specialized coding that’s inherent to our very core—and it makes us who we are. For example, DNA decides the color of your hair. And while you can change that color with the help of a stylist, it doesn’t really change who you ...

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Keeping Your Talent Pipeline Engaged with Jobvite Engage

Posted 02/26/2014 | By Carlos Teran  

I attended SourceCon with some of my teammates last week and there were a lot of good discussions on engaging with your talent pipeline.  With the Jobvite Engage CRM our customers can create an unlimited number of email campaigns to engage their pipeline over time and ultimately convert them into high-quality candidates.  Some example campaign ...

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SourceCon: Sweeter than Sweet Tea in Atlanta

Posted 02/21/2014 | By Katie Williams  

BBQ ribs, sweet tea, sourcing! What more could a girl ask for!? I’m a sucker for going to new cities and attending different recruiting conferences. So naturally, after attending SourceCon in Atlanta this past week I’m a happy camper! Jobvite has attended SourceCon four times so far; all at different locations around the U.S.  Every ...

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Jobvite Named Winner of 2014 People’s Choice Stevie® Awards for Favorite Customer Service

Posted 02/19/2014 | By David Lahey  

Back in July of last year, I wrote a blog article on our new Jobvite Cares initiative. It outlines how our #1 value at Jobvite is Customers Matter Most and what we were doing as a company to prove it. Some of the many service improvements already deployed include the Jobvite System Status site, @JobviteCares support on ...

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How to Get Executive Approval for the Recruiting Platform You Need

Posted 02/14/2014 | By Kimberley Kasper  

Is Your Leadership Listening? Trying to win executive approval for the right recruiting technology can be a frustrating process, like talking to a wall. You pour your heart out explaining your need, to no avail. But what if the problem isn’t the wall? What if the problem is how you’re talking to it—and what you’re ...

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Tune in to the Bill Kutik Radio Show

Posted 02/11/2014 | By Kimberley Kasper  

In the HR industry, we’ve all heard of Bill Kutik. He’s considered the father of the HR Tech conference. He’s an industry analyst and columnist, with over 8,000 Twitter followers. He’s also the host of a bi-weekly talk show that features unscripted and frank conversations with some of today’s most influential HR thought leaders—and we’re ...

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